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SailNashville Wants You to Find the Sailboat Which Will Keep You Sailing

There is an old joke: the two happiest days in the life of a boat owner are the day they buy the boat, and the day they sell the boat. We know a lot of exceptions to that saying.

At SailNashville, we want to help you find the “right” boat for you. Taking our ASA courses should give you an opportunity to be thinking about what you what. SailNashville is the Tennessee dealer for Catalina Yachts and Com-Pac Yachts. They both make a wide range of boat sizes. Both manufacturers have strong reputations for the quality of their sailboats. We are happy to take you sailing in either one of our sailboats, to get a feel of the boats—that’s something most dealers do not provide. If you are interested in sailing, there are several one-design fleets in Nashville. We will be happy to guide you to someone who is active sailing one of these boats.

In the near future, SailNashville hopes to offer a “cruising club” which will give you the option to “share” our newer sailboats at a fraction of the cost of ownership yourself. Check with us if you have any interest.

SailNashville is an Investment in a Lifetime of Fun, Excitement, and Adventure

Life is short…Live your dream.