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Here are Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions for Prospective Students

If you have any additional questions, just ask by sending an e-mail to

When are sailing courses scheduled?

Our courses are generally offered Friday through Sunday, from March through November depending on the weather.

But we’re happy to work with you to fit our courses into your schedule.

What sailing courses do you offer?

We offer the first three courses from the American Sailing Association:

  • ASA 101 Sailing Made Easy
  • ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
  • ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising

These courses will enable you to progress from: 1) a beginning sailor, to 2) one who can safely and competently cruise along the U.S. coastal areas, 3) to one who can skipper their own bareboat charter anywhere around the world.

What if I’ve never been on a sailboat before?

Not a problem. Our Sailing Made Easy course is designed for those with no or little experience on a sailboat.

You will learn the fundamentals of sailing from the beginning.

What are the hours for the courses?

Our class schedule is from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Approximately half of our time will be spent in the classroom learning the concepts of sailing, the rest of our time will be out on the water, in our Catalina 22 Sport practicing the skills we are learning.

What sailboats do you teach in?

Our teaching platform for the introductory ASA 101 Sailing Made Easy course is the Catalina 22 Sport. The Catalina 22 Sport is one of the most popular sailboats ever produced, our boat is #15,786.   The 22 Sport is a very stable, comfortable, easy-to-sail keelboat.

Our more advanced classes will be taught in larger, more complex sailboats.

What about the weather?

Your safety is our first concern. We do not sail in heavy rain or when there is lightning in the area.

Before each class day we will check the weather and notify you if we need to adjust our schedule for the day.

While we try to balance classroom time with on the water exercises each day, a rainy day may.

What level of physical conditioning do I need to be able to take your courses?

Our courses are not strenuous, only requiring moderate physical activity. But you will need to be able to move about the sailboat as part of our training exercises.

If you have special needs, please feel free to contact us about them. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Most importantly bring a desire to have fun!

  • Your Clothes: You should dress for the temperature. Wear comfortable fitting clothing to protect you from the sun and the wind. You may also want to bring a light windbreaker or rain jacket.
  • Your Head: You will want a hat, ball cap, or sun visor. You will also want sunglasses with safety straps.  Bring plenty of sunscreen and lip balm. And you may also want a pair of sailing gloves.
  • Your Feet: Wear non-skid deck shoes or tennis shoes with a light-colored sole—closed-toe, no saddles or flip-flops.
  • Your Personal Safety Device: If you have a PFD, you may use it. It must be a USCG-approved. But we will have PFDs available for everyone. It must be worn at all times you are on the sailboat or on the docks.
  • Your Lunch: While there are a few restaurants nearby, we recommend you bring a lunch. We have a Yeti cooler which will keep your lunch fresh and cold. We will take breaks during the day as needed and of course at lunch.  We will have water and snacks available.

Do you offer private lessons?


We also offer Women-Only courses. While our courses are casual, non-competitive in their approach, we understand that sometimes it is simply easier to learn without a husband or significant other present.

Do you offer racing lessons?


But we will be glad to recommend someone who does.

Do you offer family courses?


We are glad to teach an entire family if you desire. We can take up to four students in our courses.

But for younger children, we recommend Nashville Sail Camp. These one-week camps are specifically offered for sailors aged 6-16 during the months of June and July.  They rotate between Harbor Island Yacht Club on Old Hickory Lake or Hamilton Creek Marina on Percy Priest Lake.

For more information, contact:

Can I rent a boat from SailNashville?

We are in the process of working out arrangements where students who have completed our courses can “share” the sailboats from SailNashville. More information to come.

Once I’ve finished the introductory course, what should I do next?

That is of course up to you. One thing you should do is practice your newly learned skills to become an even better sailor.

SailNashville offers new Catalina and Com-Pac sailboats for sale if you are ready for your own boat. There are choices from 12.5-feet daysailers to 52-feet cruisers with a lot of options in between.

We’re also working on having sailboats you can rent.

But once you are ready to expand you sailing area, SailNashville has the next course for your next step.

How far in advance do I need to book my course?

To ensure you get to take your courses when you wish, we encourage you to schedule your course as far in advance as possible. Courses are limited to four students.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

In order to ensure the operation of the sailing school, SailNashville requires immediate notification of any requested change to scheduled courses. Notification should be made by phone and by e-mail. Every effort will be made to reschedule your course on a space available basis to fit your schedule.

The following cancellation/rescheduling policy will apply:

Cancellation or Delay of Course by School
SailNashville reserves the right to cancel or delay courses due to weather conditions and staff or equipment issues. If a class is cancelled by SailNashville, arrangements will be made to make up the class or give full-course credits to be used by the student at a later date.

Cancellation or Rescheduling by the Student
The following will apply to cancellations/re-scheduling by the student:

More than 30 days from scheduled class date:

  • 95% refund or 100% credit towards future course.*

More than 14 days from scheduled class date:

  • 50% refund or 95% credit towards future course.*

Fourteen (14) days or less from scheduled class date:

  • 0% refund or 75% credit towards future course.*

Any additional changes beyond the initial request will incur a $25.00 per person fee.

*Prices of courses are subject to change over time.

SailNashville is an Investment in a Lifetime of Fun, Excitement, and Adventure

Life is short…Live your dream.